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Kaylee Stepkoski was born in Macon, Georgia in 2001. She has moved up and down the east coast of the United States most of her life, but now, she is currently living in sunny Florida. Kaylee loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and off-roading in her Jeep. August 2018, she found her new passion, writing. She is creating a sci-fi adventure novel series, EVER. Kaylee has achieved best-selling author, and because of her success, she looks forward to what the future holds.

Fiercely independent, 19-year-old woman, Raya Fawn lives in Gail, Texas with her mother. One morning, she and her best friend, Andrew, visit a well-known space museum. When they arrive, they discover military personnel surveying the area. Inside the museum, Raya and Andrew sneak in to a temporary exhibit of a tall, peculiar-looking man named Ever. Puzzled by this discovery, Raya and Andrew ask the man questions which reveal there is more to him than meets the eye. Once these two normal teenagers meet Ever, an unpredictable, action-packed adventure begins. As the events unfold, Raya uses her strong and steadfast connection with Ever to unveil his secrets. Then Raya and Andrew discover an unfortunate problem involving Ever.

Get ready for the unbelievable saga that you will want to last forever!



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